Ratio of Divorcees has increased in our society and such girls and boys come to us. We listen to them patiently and guide them. We try to help them in the best possible way.

NRI Corner

Every Gujarati, where ever they go, come back to their native for matrimonial purposes. Similarly, many clients come to us and get themselves registered with us.

Secondly, girls and boys, go for higher studies to different countries and then think of settling down there who then need matrimonial help.

We provide data via email / phone only to our registered clients.

Widow / Widowers

At every age, people like to have company and no one else can give company, what husband and wife can give to each other. So at later age, when a person becomes alone he/she wants somebody or a person has not married up to a late age thinking that he/she does not want to marry may also feel lonely and want to have company.

Such people also come to us and we very much try to help them out.

Young Widow / Widowers

There is no certainty of life these days, either accidents Road or Air or serious illness like cancer, kidney failure, massive heart attacks at a young age and people lose their better half.

After recovering from such a shock, such people come to us and we definitely try to help them out.