Parichay Marriage Bureau concentrates in getting the best pairs married with each other. To ensure this, Mrs Deepika Godiawala herself talks to the respective candidates. She makes sure that all the data given in the form is correct to the maximum extent. Candidates range from those who have attained the legal age up to people with an age of 55 years.

Young and Old , divorces, widows, widowers etc every one come to Parichay Marriage Bureau to avail the services and to look for a suitable match who would be their spouse.

  • With every appointment, Deepikaben personally meets the candidates and his/her parents, shows the data and gives enough time for discussions.
  • She herself introduces both the parties on the phone and arranges for their meeting
  • She takes enough interest, including follow-up of the meetings and helps both parties in deciding and further meetings.
  • At some interval of time, she always talks to the candidate or their parents to know their latest position.
  • She takes personal interest at each and every step which helps the clients a lot.
  • All her clients are happy with her as she helps and guides them properly. Her staff is also very co-operative and friendly with clients, so everyone loves to visit their office.
  • It is compulsory for all registered clients to visit the office every month. Clients from Outstation / Foreign country can phone or email to get the information.